veil of light / for boundaries + protection


veil of light ~ a flower essence mist for boundaries and protection

[featuring pink yarrow + tobacco]

an aromatic vibrational mist for enhancing your own innate auric forcefield. with the benevolent support from the powerful and loving tobacco plant and pink yarrow (the empath's medicine), this mist is made with hydrosol, extracts, flower essences and essential oils for a potion that works on both the physical and etheric level. carry it with you for protective support, wherever you are.


yarrow hydrosol, holy basil hydrosol, pure water, extracts of wild yarrow, homegrown hopi tobacco, homegrown american smoking tobacco, rosemary, calendula, and saint john's wort, essences of pink yarrow, wild yarrow, golden yarrow, wild tobacco, and angelica, essential oils of blue yarrow and rosemary, absolutes of rose and tobacco.

(for external use only, not for use directly on skin)