"There is a power that has been here since all eternity, and that force and potentiality is green!" -Hildegard von Bingen

 Our botanicals are crafted in mindfulness and gratitude from the purest ingredients available, using a variety of lovingly and locally-sourced herbs, oils, waxes, essential oils, clays, botanical extracts, and hydrosols. We grow many of our own herbs in our biodynamic gardens in northern New Mexico, and distill our own plant and floral waters using an artisanal copper still. Everything we make is handcrafted in small batches to ensure utmost quality and care goes into each and every product. 

Plantfolk is the manifestation of our verdant green love for the plants and our reverence for the tradition of folk herbalism. The products we create are not only crafted in hopes of providing humans with a pure, vibrant source of self-care, but just as importantly our botanical creations are dreamt into being as a way of honoring the plants. When we gift our bodies with beautiful, plant-based creations, we make the whole earth glow brighter. And we glow brighter, too!


Kate is a plant lover, folk herbalist, herb gardener, medicine maker, botanical perfumer, flower essence practitioner, and a devoted believer in the cosmic healing powers of our wild allies. With an approach to herbal medicine deeply interwoven with honoring the plant spirits, she crafts plant medicine as a bridge to help connect people with the healing magic of the green world.

Kate has been joyfully studying and practicing plant medicine for the past fifteen years. Some of her training includes the life-changing Roots program at the California School of Herbal Studies, as well as completing an advanced apprenticeship with the magical herbalist Rosemary Gladstar of Sage Mountain and the professional practitioner program with the Flower Essence Society.

Plantfolk was founded in 2010, and has since become an integral part of Kate's own personal journey with the plants. On most days she can be found working in her herb gardens, formulating in the apothecary, sitting with the plants, hiking with her dogs Gaia and Lilikoi, or otherwise engaging in the magic of the Green.