the dream catcher / mist for dreamwork {mugwort + angelica}


You are the dreamer, and you are the dream…

This plant spirit mist is formulated with flower essences, handcrafted plant extracts, plant + floral waters, and essential oils revered for their ability to promote vivid dreams, offer spiritual protection, encourage a more peaceful sleep and dream world, and clarify dream recall. Featuring mugwort, angelica, blue chamomile, moonflower, starflower, skullcap, yarrow and lavender, this blend possesses relaxing properties and is a magical bedtime ritual mist.

To use, mist around yourself and your space, specifically before going to sleep. Keep on your bedside table and mist as desired before bed and throughout the night.

Packaged in a 2 ounce amber glass bottle with an atomizer top.
(for external use only, not for use directly on skin)